Can I change my product after I send it in the design center?

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If you’ve created a design in our design center and sent it to us using one of the checkout options in step three you should have received an email about your proof page at If you wish to change your product, this may be possible in certain cases…

1) If we have NOT already ordered your product – if you have setup an online order page that has not expired yet we will not have ordered your product and if you used our Simple Shopping Cart to pay, there is a chance we haven’t placed the order so contact us right away!

2) If you’ve setup an online order page but noone has orderd off of it yet we can almost always accommodate a product swap for you. This may require a price change on your order page though if the product is a different price than the one you originally selected.

3) If you have already placed a simple shopping cart order OR have an online order page and we have not already ordered your product, you can opt to pay the difference (if there is one) at pickup.

In ANY case, please use your proof page to alert our art team of your desired change and also contact us as soon as possible to see arrange for the change.

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